Welcome To Taskino

A Simple Project & Task manager


Organize your tasks with priorities and projects.

Simple Design

Do more with less. You don't need more information.

Developed to Simplicity


You can discuss in tasks with comments, make much more, simple to work.

Due date

With Taskino you can manage due date to your tasks and preview percentage to project done.


Receive informations about updates to Taskino. On Dashboard you have a simple tasks to you do.

What's New?

Some Features

Fast like eat a pie. Register, confirm and use. No need big configurations. No setups. No installations. Simplicity + Velocity = Taskino

You don't need manager updates. We think about this. Solve problems, check security. With continuous updates you can be relax with updates e fixes in Taskino.

You have a problems to use Taskino? This a bug? You don't need open a ticket on support you can use our panel to report bugs and errors and make Taskino much better in minutes. You help, we improve.

Some Screenshots


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